Drummond Consultants invite you to...

  • 1. Have your Will and Power of Attorney reviewed in the comfort of your own home or place of work (reviewed at no charge) - see below.
  • 2. Release Equity in your Home in conjunction with Key Retirement Solutions.
  • 3. Prepare a POWER OF ATTORNEY (prepared in your own home) - see below.
  • 4. Save your loved ones having to pay for your Funeral by purchasing a GOLDEN CHARTER FUNERAL PLAN (Pre Pay or Life Insurance) From only £19 PER MONTH (from age 50 plus) or one off payment from £2295.00. Once again a FREE HOME VISIT to assess the plan to suit your needs.
  • 5. Protect your loved ones inheritance and free up Executry Costs and as a result say NO to Care Home fees - Protect your assets - Do you qualify for one of our Trusts ??

Please ask yourself the following

If you become unwell and unable to look after your financial and welfare affairs you need legally to appoint someone to look after you and your affairs. Have you done that?

Q. Even if the house is in joint names my spouse can sell the house if I become incapable - WRONG.

Q. I've done a Will and my Executor can legally look after me if I become incapable - WRONG.

Q. I'll automatically get my spouse's pension if he or she becomes incapable - WRONG.

No one (not even a spouse has automatic powers and if you become incapable someone would have to go to Court to get these powers - this is expensive and demeaning and should be avoided.

PLEASE prepare your POWER OF ATTORNEY now so you can choose the person you want to act on your behalf - in preference to the Social Services possibly choosing one of their staff for you...

Have you made a Will? - Or reviewed it recently - does it still meet your needs?
If not, the state decides who get your assets inlcuding property and the result may not be what you want. Please do not leave this to chance! - Update your Will Now.

Care Cost Advice - 40% of us will probably require Residential Care at some point. This can be expensive and your family could end up without the inheritance you had thought you would leave.

By careful planning and in conjunction with our trained and qualified Consultants, backed up by Specialist Scottish Solicitors, you can make certain (subject to you meeting the criteria and time limits) that you will be able to make the correct provision for your inheritance wishes by setting up a Family Protection Trust. It is no longer recommended that the house be transferred to the Children. Things can go wrong. The best solution is the Family Protection Trust.